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Hello there, welcome to Across The Universe.Net, Usagi's collective and personal domain, a portal to many of her favorite things. The name Across The Universe, comes from a beautiful song called "Across The Universe" performed by The Beatles, written by the amazing John Lennon whom I adore from the bottom of my heart, loving him and his music, since I was a little girl.

Please take a look around using the menu above to navigate through the site. You can also click the images in the header; Usagi and Mamoru to visit their fansite/fanlisting, John to visit his fansite/fanlisting (both open in a new window) and "across the universe" for the home page. I have many different interests, with a huge passion for music and art, as you will hopefully get a sense of during your stay here. I have big plans for this domain and I would like to add a lot of different things, so during your visit you should find something here that interests you, enjoy your stay!


Collective Stats 

Owned fanlistings: 15, (+ 0 upcoming)
Newest owned fanlistings: The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose ~ trail of tears
Joined fanlistings: 232
Newest joined fanlisting: Webmasters: April
Affiliates: 49

Recent Updates 

December 08, 2019 : There is no one compares with you

October 28, 2019 : Life has been very busy and hectic, but I'm still here! Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!

September 09, 2018 : I just lost my Pop Pop... He passed in my home just after midnight on September 7th. He was always a vibrant, witty, fiercely independent man right up till the end. March 15, 1924 - September 7, 2018. He is dearly loved and will be sorely missed. I love ya Pops

August 09, 2018 : I just recently finished revamping Usagi and Mamoru's Universe for it's 17 year anniversary!! Hard to believe UMU has been online for 17 years already!! Time flies.

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