Hello there, welcome to Across The Universe.Net, Usagi's collective and personal domain, a portal to many of her favorite things. The name Across The Universe, comes from a beautiful song called "Across The Universe" performed by The Beatles, written by the amazing John Lennon whom I adore from the bottom of my heart, loving him and his music, since I was very young.

I have many different interests, with a huge passion for music and art, as you will hopefully get a sense of during your stay here. I have big plans for this domain and I would like to add a lot of different things, so during your visit you should find something here that interests you. Please feel free to take a look around, and enjoy your stay!


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December 08, 2014: Got this posted very late in the day, but nevertheless... Remember John Lennon Love you My John Love! Please join John's fanlisting Real Love!!

Love you!

October 16, 2014: I haven't really been posting on here about some of the updates or things I've been doing on my sites lately... I guess I've been being kind of lazy with it. It's the last thing I want to do after working on something, I'm so tired I just want to stop and go to sleep. I've been adding tons of screencaps from the new Sailor Moon reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, over at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. Last added was Act 7: Chiba Mamoru - Tuxedo Mask. I also re-screencapped Sailor Moon R the movie: Promise of the Rose, the old screencaps looked horrible. 2582 screencaps were added! My John Love's 74th birthday just passed, so I added his birthday flowers to his site.

October 09, 2014: Happy Birthday to my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy John Love! Wish you here! I love you so much!! xxx

Love you!

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