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Hello there, welcome to Across The Universe.Net, Usagi's collective and personal domain, a portal to many of her favorite things. The name Across The Universe, comes from a beautiful song called "Across The Universe" performed by The Beatles, written by the amazing John Lennon whom I adore from the bottom of my heart, loving him and his music, since I was a little girl.

Please take a look around using the menu above to navigate through the site. You can also click the images in the header; Usagi and Mamoru to visit their fansite/fanlisting, John to visit his fansite/fanlisting (both open in a new window) and "across the universe" for the home page. I have many different interests, with a huge passion for music and art, as you will hopefully get a sense of during your stay here. I have big plans for this domain and I would like to add a lot of different things, so during your visit you should find something here that interests you, enjoy your stay!


Collective Stats 

Owned fanlistings: 15, (+ 0 upcoming)
Newest owned fanlistings: The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose ~ trail of tears
Joined fanlistings: 236
Newest joined fanlisting: TV Shows: Fear The Walking Dead
Affiliates: 49

Recent Updates 

July 07, 2017: For you Richie (Ringo)... Peace and Love Hope you have an amazing birthday!! *hugs*

June 11, 2017: Been having my kitchen remodled - worked on for the past three months, since Aaron and I decided it really needed to be done, because it was so horrible and embarrassing. It took much longer than we thought it would... But thanks to our amazing friend Mike the miracle worker my kitchen is finally finished (for the most part) and gorgeous! I've also been helping my best friend get ready for her upcoming wedding on August 5th! Her shower was this past Sunday! Things have been insanely chaotic and pretty much out of my control! Been busy busy busy! Lately it never ends... Did some updates over at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe.

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