This site would not be possible without those special people and awesome links. Thank you! <3...

Crae: Thank so much for letting me adopt the Bohemian Rhapsody fanlisting! It makes sad that her domain is gone.:(

Freddie Mercury / Queen: Thank you for writing and performing epic songs. <3

Ai~: for the nudge that made me cave and actually apply for the Bohemian Rhapsody fanlisting in the first place. Thank you! <3

TheFanlistings.Org: a great network/organization that approves fanlistings like this one, and lists fans favorite subjects. Thank you!

Enthusiast: the wonderful fanlisting management script I use to run this fanlisting, created by Angela. Thank you! <3

Some of the images throughout the site were edited and scanned/screencapped by me. I also used or will use images from:

A few extra links for you to check out:

Queen: official website
Queen: archives
Bohemian Rhapsody: at Wikipedia

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