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The film is a comedy loosely based on a typical day in life of The Beatles (John referred to it as a comic strip version of their lives), first released in the UK July 6, 1964 and released August 11, 1964 for the United States in New York City. Directed by, Richard Lester and the original screen play written by, Alun Owen. Starring in this wonderful film are; Wilfrid Brambell who performed as Paul's grandfather, Norman Rossington performed as Norm, John Junkin who performed as Shake, and Victor Spinetti as a T.V. Director, along with The Beatles of course, peforming as themselves. Also included in the film were many of their famous songs, such as "A Hard Day's Night", for the opening credits, "I Should Have Know Better", "If I Fell", and many more! The movie is definitely a classic and it deserves a fanlisting.

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