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Welcome to HELP!, the one and only fanlisting approved by, and listed at TheFanlistings.org, for HELP!, one of my top favorite albums by The Beatles. Released August 6th 1965, being the fifth British album and ninth in America, it was also the soundtrack of The Beatles second film with the same name (HELP!). The front cover features The Beatles making flag semaphore signals that were suppose to spell out HELP. But the cover photographer, Robert Freeman, felt the arrangement of the arms didn't look good, and decided to improvise, ending up arranging The Beatles in what was thought to be the best graphic positioning, which spells out - NUJV. Upon release, the album entered the chart at number one and stayed there for nine of it's 37 weeks in the Top Twenty.

In the United States, Help! was released August 13, 1965 as a film soundtrack album featuring the seven new Beatles songs in the film mixed with instrumental music scored by Ken Thorne. Climbing all way to number one on the album chart, on September 11th and after nine weeks at the top, it's run continued for another 33 weeks. The non-movie songs recorded in the first half of 1965 were scattered over three other albums in the US.

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