Welcome to Float Down Stream the one and only fanlisting approved by, and listed at The Fanlistings Network for The Beatles' brilliant seventh album Revolver. Released in the UK on August 5th, 1966, arriving in stores eight months after Rubber Soul (my other most favorite Beatles' album, for me they go hand in hand ^-^), it was the longest gap between LP's. The Beatles had begun a series of British concerts on the day the previous album was released with two shows on each of the nine dates in December, 1965, turning out to be their last UK tour. The Beatles took a long vacation from performing and recording. Returning to Abbey Road studios in April, 1966 and spent three months continually recording. The first songs to come from these sessions were "Rain" and "Paperback Writer". Revolver's album cover illustration was created by Klaus Voormann an artist and oldest friend of The Beatles since their pre-fame days in Hamburg. Voormann intertwined his own line drawings of The Beatles with a collage of photographs, taken of The Beatles by Robert Whitaker.

This fanlisting was formly known as Surrender to the World, previously owned by Amanda <3, who kindly adopted it out to me, Usagi, on September 15, 2010! Amanda adopted the fanlisting from Karla, who adopted it from Brandika, the one who had originally reopened the fanlisting, after it had been on troubles, and removed from TFL. Many thanks to all! <3 The fanlisting is now named Float Down Stream from the opening line of "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream), it's the last song on the Revolver album, and one of my favorites. I like the way Float Down Stream looks and how it sounds when you say it. The header image and images throughout the site were scanned/screencapped by me (Usagi), or other wised stated. If your a fan of Revolver please join! Own a website? Then please pick up a code. Need to contact me? Send me an e-mail!

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