Credits and Links 

Giving credit where it's due, this site would not be possible without them. Thank you Thank you!! <3

John Lennon: My sexy hero, and number one reason, my always inspiring muse for a lot of the things I do.. Thank you, thank you, I love you! <333. Check out my dedication site I made to John - (a work in progress): John Across The Universe.

Amanda: the wonderful person who adopted out the fanlisting to me. Thank you so much! <3
The Beatles: for making such great music, and being my favorite band. Thank you! <3
TheFanlistings.Org: a great network/organization that approves and lists fans favorite subjects. Thank you!
Enthusiast: the wonderful fanlisting management script I use to run this fanlisting, created by Angela. Thank you!
Brandika: for the lovely donated codes. Thank you! ^_^

All of the images found on this site were edited, scanned and or screencapped by me. Usagi, including the header/footer images and all codes/buttons or other wise stated. DO NOT direct link or hotlink to ANY!!

I also typed up ALL the lyrics in the Extras section.

A few extra links for you to check out:

Revolver (album): at Wikipedia
John Lennon: official website
The Beatles: official website
Paul McCartney: official website
George Harrison: official website
Ringo Starr: official website

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