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Welcome to This bird has Flown, the one and only fanlisting approved by, and listed at The Fanlistings.org for The Beatles' amazing sixth and personally my most favorite album of all, Rubber Soul. Released in the UK on December 3rd, 1965. Only four months had past since their previous album Help! and during that time they toured the United States and Canada, including a record breaking concert at Shea Stadium for 55,600 fans in New York. Rubber Soul is considered one of the greatest albums in music history and voted 5th on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The image on the cover, chosen by the Beatles was photographed by Robert Freeman, the first album not to have the word Beatles put on the cover. The photo on the cover was taken at John's house and the art work lettering (Rubber Soul) was created by Charles Front.

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