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Here I've made a map of the site incase you find yourself a bit lost. For your convenience I have created a links to all the main pages, with the sub pages in bold including a short description of each individual page. Last updated: May 09, 2015.

  • About Across The Universe: history, information about the domain and how it all came to be.
  • About The Layout: information about the current layout.
  • About Usagi: little tidbits about the Webmissy, (the owner and keeper).
  • Contact Webmistress: send Usagi an e-mail.
  • Copyrights And Credits: copyright, graphics information and disclaimers.
  • Link Across The Universe: banners & buttons for linking this site.
  • Past Layouts: info on past layouts.
  • Site Map: you are here.
  • Updates Archives: past news and updates

  • Owned Fanlistings: click the link to check them out and maybe join!

  • Joined Fanlistings: All the awesome fanlistings I joined! ^_^

John Lennon
  • John Lennon: a dedication to my John Love (a work in progress) -- Real Love: the approved fanlisting for John Lennon.

  • Gifts: Given to me by kind sweet people.
  • Thanks <3: Special thank yous.

  • Affiliates: my lovely affiliates and partners in crime.
  • Contact Webmistress: comments, questions, affiliation requests, contact Usagi.
  • Links Out: great sites to check out.
  • Link Across The Universe: banners & buttons for linking this site.
  • Usagi and Mamoru's Universe {dot com}: The home of my fansite dedicated to Chiba Mamoru & Tsukino Usagi - (Sailor Moon) online since August 03, 2001.

  • Home the main page.

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