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thank you 

Special thanks to a few important people who are very dear to my heart and others for the help. I couldn't have done it without them.

Thanks to my patient loving gorgeous FiancÚ Aaron for always listening to me going on and on about this site and staying up with me night after night giving encouragement, as I work on the site getting no attention from me. Baby I really do appreciate everything you do for me, even if it seems like I don't notice. I love you very very much! <3

Thanks to my best friend Minako for pushing me into buying this domain and helping pick out the name. And looking at every single graphic or whatever it is I want her to check, see, or look at and listening to me go on and on about the layout and site.

Thanks to my little sis for also pushing me into buying this domain and helping pick out the name, giving me ideas for the site and checking to make sure I didn't make any typos (because I always do ^^) and just listening to me going on and on. I really appreciate it all a great deal!

Thanks to FallenAngelCeres for the help she gave getting me through the rough and frustrating parts of setting up Enthusiast. Also giving me the code to show my random owned and joined fanlistings.

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