Welcome to Shake It Up Baby Now! The Fanlistings Network approved and listed fanlisting for Twist and Shout, one of my favorite songs performed by The Beatles, with my love John Lennon on lead vocals, written by Bert Russell, and Phil Medley, and produced by George Martin. The Beatles' version of the song was released on their first album Please Please Me, which was recorded February 11, 1963, during their first album session, and is notable for ten songs having been recorded in a mere 10 hours (the remaining four songs had previously been released as singles). 'Twist and Shout' was the last song recorded, by then John's voice was shot from the performace, but he managed to belt it out, still sounding rather amazing, if I do say so myself. Later, John said, "After one very long 12 hour session the song nearly killed me"...

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