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Here you'll find past updates & news from the site. But after awhile I do delete the older posts at the bottom of the list from the archives as I add newer ones. Please note, some links will be out of date.

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October 09, 2015: Happy Happy Birthday to my John Love (John Lennon)!! I love you so, so much!!

October 07, 2015: I've been doing a lot of updates over at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. Today, I added 12 new scans from Sailor Moon Crystal!

October 04, 2015: Just recently finished making a new layout for my John Love's site in honor of his upcoming 75th birthday on Friday, October 9th. Go check it out!

To all Walking Dead fans, starting Monday, October 05 -- AMC is showing a marathon of The Walking Dead, starts at 6:00 pm, of all the episodes from the beginning all week long, leading up to the Season 6 premiere on Sunday, October 11th at 9:00 pm! So, if you missed any you can catch up! :p

August 06, 2015: I gave a huge revamp, with a brand new layout to Usagi and Mamoru's Universe for it's 14th anniversary/birthday August 03! I reorganized, rearranged and changed a lot around the site. I also added a ton of new Sailor Moon Crystal screencaps! I didn't get everything done that I would have liked to before it's 14th anniversary on August 03, but at least I finished the revamp and got the new layout up on the day of, in time, which made me very happy! I just can't believe that much time has past already and UMU has been online for 14 years!

I want to give a shout-out to the lovely Amber for her wonderful compliments about UMU and telling me the layout on here, is gorgeous!! Thank you so very much sweets, it means a lot to me!! ^_^

June 15, 2015: Made some new link buttons.

May 22, 2015: Revised the layout a bit, so it wasn't so big. It should look much better for people with a 1366 x 768 res.

May 10, 2015: A very Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, especially my amazing Mom (I love you!!). Hope everyone enjoys the day! Excitedly I present a sparkly brand new layout, that I'm rather pleased with!! Reload/Refresh the page, if things are looking odd. Click the images in the header; to visit Usagi and Mamoru's fansite/fanlisting, click on them, to visit John's fansite/fanlisting, click on him (both open in a new window). For the home page click on the butterflies or "across the universe". To learn more, see about the layout! I changed/updated a lot through out the site, so be sure to look at everything! I put a lot of love and hard work into this layout, so I hope everyone likes it! Please, please let me know, if anyone comes across something messed up!

Slowly, but surely I'll be making new layouts, revamping John's site and possibly his fanlisting, Real Love, (I like the layout) -- Usagi and Mamoru's Universe, Forever I Promise, Usagi and Mamoru's fanlisting, La Smoking Bomber, Mamoru's Fanlisting and the rest of my fanlistings. May 01, 2015: Yes I'm alive and yes Across The Universe is still active and yes you're still an affiliate for those who keep checking, if you weren't I'd send out e-mails stating so and yes I still have all my fanlistings that I keep updated faithfully... I've also been working on Usagi and Mamoru's Universe a lot. Been joining a bunch of fanlistings too!

December 08, 2014: Got this posted very late in the day, but nevertheless... Remember John Lennon Love you My John Love! Please join John's fanlisting Real Love!!

Love you!

October 16, 2014: I haven't really been posting on here about some of the updates or things I've been doing on my sites lately... I guess I've been being kind of lazy with it. It's the last thing I want to do after working on something, I'm so tired I just want to stop and go to sleep. I've been adding tons of screencaps from the new Sailor Moon reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, over at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. Last added was Act 7: Chiba Mamoru - Tuxedo Mask. I also re-screencapped Sailor Moon R the movie: Promise of the Rose, the old screencaps looked horrible. 2582 screencaps were added! My John Love's 74th birthday just passed, so I added his birthday flowers to his site.

October 09, 2014: Happy Birthday to my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy John Love! Wish you here! I love you so much!! xxx

Love you!

August 15, 2014: I just added a ton of new images of Usagi and Mamoru (all screencapped by me) from the new Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, over at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. And by the way, I didn't have to have the procedure done, to have the cyst taken from my eyelid, thankfully it's going away on it's own and I truly hope it goes all the way gone and never ever comes back!! O.O

August 06, 2014: New layout at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe for it's 13th year anniversary.

August 02, 2014: I finally finished the new layout I've been working on, since April, for my John Love's fanlisting Real Love. I wanted to do something unique, so I made a slideshow of different stages of John's life, from when he was just a little boy, grew up into in The Beatles to when he was older in his solo career. I also got rid of all the old horrible ugly looking codes... I could not believe how horrifying they looked, I'm I'm embarrassed by how disgusting they looked!! I made new ones and I plan to make more when I have more time. Go check it out! I really hope it looks good and everyone likes it!

In other news... I recently went to the eye doctor and found out I have a cyst (not sure how to spell it, I think I spelled it correctly?) on my eyelid and it's putting pressure on my eye and screwing up my vision, so I have to go in August 14th and have it removed. I'm a little scared and nervous about it, but I've been told it's not a big deal and nothing to worry about ^^ -- wish me luck.

June 25, 2014: Decided to take the tagboard down... No one ever really comments on it anyway, except for my close friends and family, once in a blue moon. Makes me sad, but I'm tired of fighting spammers away from it. I'll soon probably be doing the same, with the tagboard at UMU.

June 21, 2014: My tagboard is being attacked by relentless spam vulchers, so I decided to lock it for a while, until they stop circling Across The Universe. For those who don't know (spammers), locking the tagboard means: you can't post anything on it. I keep the tagboard up for my sister, because she asked me to, but she's not around anymore, so I may remove it from the site eventually.

May 17, 2014: Some exciting news! Cherokee Rose ~ trail of tears my fanlisting for The Walking Dead is also now approved and cross-listed in comics for the Walking Dead Comic Book Series at The Fanlistings Network! Very happy and excited about that! If you're a fan of the comic please join!!

April 14, 2014: I just recently finished my newest fanlisting for The Walking Dead!! Cherokee Rose ~ trail of tears!! I still can't believe I was approved for it, so awesome! Everyone who has seen it has said such nice things about the layout and codes, it's honestly so amazing, it's been making me really happy it really means a lot to me! Especially since I've been feeling really insecure about my layouts, graphics and such for a while now, really not a good feeling... This boost was good for me, I really needed it. Thank you! So, if you haven't seen it, go check it out and if your a fan please, please join! And if you have a related fanlisting and you would like to affiliate send me an e-mail!!

March 08, 2014: Ok, so I made a new layout... The previous one was alright I suppose, but I felt it just wasn't good enough. This new one I like a lot better, it's more me and my John Love, the other one not so much. I hope everyone else likes it too! Let me know, if anyone runs into any problems on the site. Thanks a bunch!

March 01, 2014: Took a while, but finally Across The Universe has a sparkly new layout!! I apologize for the previous Christmas layout being up for so long to anyone who noticed or cared. I was having problems with my neck and back and in a great deal of pain for January and most of February, not being able to do much of anything, unfortunately, and just as the pain was finally starting to go away, I ended up getting very ill with a nasty stomach virus! I had an extremely rough start in to the new year, but I am doing a lot better now and very glad for it to all be over with, thank goodness! Ok, so anyway... I made 3 layouts before deciding on this one; I thought it looked the best out of the 3 and I hope you all like it too! I finally finished "about the Christmas layout", you can check it out in past layouts. If you would like to know more about the new layout, go here! I updated a lot through out the site, so honestly you should check out everything! :) As always, if anyone should run into any problems on the site, please let me know. Thanks!

December 31, 2013: I'm a little late posting this, but my dear and awesome friend Caro is back with a new domain (new domain, but using the same name from her old domain) Just-Like-Fairytale! And of course we are affiliates once again, so excited to have her back! I don't normally do this, but I'm so excited about the most-amazing Christmas gifts I received from Aaron, my bestie and my family too, I have to show them off! Thank you so much!! Oh and my glasses weren't a gift I just put them in the images I took, so my online friends who have asked me what they looked like, could see them finally! ^_~ (Click the image below for a bigger view).


I also posted some on John's Site too! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wishing everyone the best New Year ever!

December 08, 2013: In honor of my beautiful John Love - I made a new layout for the holidays. Today is sadly the anniversary of my John Love's passing, so I hope when you look at the layout it makes you think of him with love and big smile, because I know that's how he would want to be remembered. I incorporated some of John's drawings into the layout (the christmas tree and people with mistletoe), as well as the words written in John's own hand writing for his song Happy Xmas (War Is Over). I haven't slept much in the past couple of days, so I could work on this layout and hopefully get it done and up early enough today, so there are few things I didn't get to do, one is "about the layout". I'll try to get done as soon as I can. If anyone runs into a problem on the site, I would really appreciate, if you let me know! I hope everyone enjoys and likes the new layout. Happy holidays to you and yours! <3

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